**Aluminum prices are reaching a 10 year high, so this is likely the last time we will be offering our fridge slides at $399. Get 'em while they last!

Drawer slide Detents

Drawer slide Detents

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Our original Tortuga Off Road® fridge slides use heavy duty 250lb. locking slides. Like all conventional drawer slides, they incorporate a "detent" or nylon stopper attached to the end of the slide to keep it from rattling and inhibit premature slide wear.

All slide detents will wear out eventually, depending on load, amount of use and application. Severe off road applications will cause accelerated wear.

We recommend you change your detents whenever you detect motion or noise while in the locked (closed) position. Failure to do so could result in catastrophic damage to your slide which is NOT COVERED in our warranty as this is considered a maintenance item

The good news is that we keep them in stock at a reasonable price! Grab a pair and keep them on board and check them regularly.

Sold in pairs. Free shipping.